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Visit our new page listing New England Surnames in the Newport Historical Society's Genealogical Collection (ever-expanding) 4/11/03

July, 2003

26, Saturday, 10:00-12:00 AM : Colonial Cooking & Eighteenth Century Etiquette: Hands-on History Workshops for Families
Join Emily Brush and Stacey Gerson, participants in this years Buchanan/Burnham internship program, for a fun-filled morning of colonial dining. Children ages 8 & up can participate in hands-on activities to learn more about 18th-century Newport cooking, eating, and manners. Bring the whole family for this interactive workshop that will prove both educational and deliciously delightful! At the Newport Colony House. $5/child for members, $8/child for nonmembers. For more information or to register, call 401-846-0813,

29, Tuesday, 8:00 PM: Quaker Women in Seventeenth Century New England: Part of the Buchanan/Burnham Lecture Series
Rebecca Ruess,  a past participant in the Buchanan/Burnham internship program, discusses the role of women in the Quaker congregations of Newport and New England. Colonial Quaker women helped lead the way to an expansion of American women’s political participation. At the Great Friends Meeting House; free.

August, 2003

5, Tuesday, 8:00 PM: Fantastic Photos : A Workshop
Charlotte MacLennan, NHS intern, shows outstanding examples of original photographs from the Society's collection of over 250,000 images. MacLennan will focus on the work of Henry Havermeyer, photographer and social elite, whose camera captured rare views of the Gilded Age from the inside out. At the Newport Historical Society headquarters. $5/person members, $8/person nonmembers. For more information or to register, call 401-846-0813.

9, Saturday, 10:00-12:00 AM: Ezra Stiles' Newport: A Walking Tour
Gregory Ablavsky,  participant in this years Buchanan/Burnham internship program, leads a walking tour of downtown Newport as seen through the eyes of Ezra Stiles, minister in Newport prior to the Revolution and later president of Yale. One of the leading intellectuals of colonial America, Stiles’ voluminous papers provide penetrating insights into Newport’s politics, religion, and daily life in the turbulent years leading to the American Revolution. Tour departs from the Newport Colony House. $5/person members, $8/person nonmembers. For more information or to register, call 401-846-0813.

12, Tuesday, 8:00 PM: "An Alienation which will Never Be Healed": Ezra Stiles & the Stamp Act Crisis : Part of the Buchanan/Burnham Lecture Series
Gregory Ablavsky, Buchanan/Burnham intern & junior in history at Yale University, will examine the tumultuous events that occurred in Newport and other colonial cities following the passage of the Stamp Act, as revealed through the evidence provided by the Ezra Stiles Papers. Ezra Stiles was a keen observer and commentator on the momentous events of his time, and left literally thousands of pages of written material in the form of diaries, letters, and notes-material which provides a revealing glimpse into the complex and bitterly divided world of pre-Revolutionary America. At the Newport Colony House; free.

14, Thursday, 8:00 PM: Damaged & Destroyed: A Look into the World of Ann & Martin Howard : Part of the Buchanan/Burnham Lecture Series
Join Emily Brush, Buchanan/Burnham intern & Mount Holyoke graduate, in an examination of evidence that survives regarding the Howard family’s residence in Newport and their abrupt departure from the city during Newport’s Stamp Act Riots in 1765, when a mob attacked Martin Howard’s house. Learn what the broken bits left behind in the wake of the riot might reveal about the life of this prosperous Newport family on the eve of the American Revolution. At the Newport Colony House; free.

15, Friday 10:00 AM: More than Mansions: The Architecture of Newport's Historic Hill : A Walking Tour
Dr. Daniel Snydacker, Jr. leads this special tour of Newport's oldest neighborhood. Discover its outstanding beauty and hidden architectural treasures. Two hours. Departs from Museum of Newport History ; $15/ per person or $7 for NHS members.

19, Tuesday, 8:00 PM: Food & Foodways in Newport, ca. 1750-1850 : Part of the Buchanan/Burnham Lecture Series
Stacey Gerson,  Buchanan/Burnham intern & Oberlin College graduate, will discuss food and foodways in Newport in the time leading up to and following the American Revolution. Come explore what people ate, who prepared the food, and the differences between urban and rural colonial food practices. At the Newport Colony House; free.

21, Thursday, 8:00 PM: Enterprising Businesswomen in Colonial Newport : Part of the Buchanan/Burnham Lecture Series
Anne Marisic, Buchanan/Burnham intern & Ph.D. candidate in history at American University, will share her findings regarding the economic activities of Newport’s women during the colonial period. Contrary to the stereotype of homebound colonial housewives, colonial female women were active economic agents in Newport, practicing trades including beer brewing, tavern keeping, printing, and more. Learn how this compares to women’s work in other colonial cities and what it might reveal about the experiences of colonial Newport’s women in general. At the Newport Colony House; free.

Time & Date TBA: Beer & Brewing in Colonial Newport : A Lecture & Walking Tour
Begin your tour at the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, where Anne Marisic, one of  this years participants in the Buchanan/Burnham internship program, will share her research on colonial women’s home brewing in the eighteenth century. Then join Gregory Dubell at the Newport Colony House to learn about a brewery using that building in the 1770s. $5/person members, $8/person nonmembers. For more information or to register, call 401-846-0813.


September, 2003

11, Thursday, 1:00-4:00 PM: Open House at the Great Friends Meeting House
The meetinghouse will be open to engage in quiet reflection on the meaning of September 11, 2003. Free

26, 27 & 28 Artisans & Antiques Fair
On the grounds of the Great Friends Meeting House . A festive fall event for all ages celebrating history, music, food, and craftsmanship in Newport. Preview Party 6:00-10:00 PM. Friday.